Sakurada-kai Award

What Is Sakurada-kai Award?

The award will be granted to a research accomplishment conducted in the fields of political science (political science, political philosophy, political history, international political science, comparative politics, political system, public administration, and other departments related to these topics) by an applicable university in the previous year. Every year since 1983, we have granted various types of awards such as Sakurada-kai Award, Life-Time Achievement Award and Encouragement Award.

Review Process

The members of “Political Research Sakurada-kai Award Committee” will review and select the most deserving research for the award based on our strict screening process.

Application Requirements


A research accomplished by a full-time faculty member (professors, associate-professor, full-time lecturer or assistant professor) registered in an applicable university, published in Japan in a book format. The research must be endorsed by the dean of the department
of political science of the university, and in principal, not granted with other awards.

Submission Endorsement Deadline

July 20th

Application Documents

An official endorsement letter and 2 books of own work

Application Office

The application must be submitted to Sakurada-kai through each university.

Announcement of an Award Winner and Award Ceremony

An award winner will be declared in December, followed by an
award ceremony in the first half of February of the following year.